Napowrimo: #1

Right now, at this very minute, list five things in front of you. In front of you being a relative term: on your desk, on your arm, out your window … . Choose the two most disparate things and yoke them together into a fabulous metaphor. Now, use it in a poem.

Keyboard, Screen, Mouse, Cup, Phone

My screen.  The cup of passion we both lustfully sip from.  Endless hours of enticing words.  Read with hopeful eyes. Wondering if. They will ever meet yours.  Yearning fingers.  Carefully choosing each letter.  Forming words that make your center ache.  Causing a hungry expression to reside on your face.  Words that you will make your heart beat fast.  And your fingers move quickly to respond.  And me.  On the other end.  Chest heaving.  Hanging on your every stroke.

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