Napowrimo: #2

Find five verbs and five nouns from one subject area, and use them to write about another subject.

Kiss Touch Love Hug Caress

Nose Lips Hands Back Neck


Your lips are cold to the touch

I kiss them one last time

I caress your face

Starting at your nose

Down the crevices of your lovely neck

I remember how you’d hug me

And how I’d kiss that spot behind your ear

There’s blood there now

And your hand is speckled with dirt

I can still see my scratches on your back

But they are barely visible

Overwhelmed by the slashes and punctures oozing with

The blood that once pulsed through your veins

I tell them yes

It is you

But it’s not really

Just the protective shell

That once encased

A kind of love

The world was not ready for

Our loss is great

But your love is plenty still

I will see you in the sunset

Search for your in the shimmer of the moonlight

Find you in the stars

Close my eyes

And feel you in the breeze

I will hear you in the birds’ morning love song

Until we meet again my sweet

I will see you in the sunset

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