Napowrimo #3

The prompt for today is “three in a row.” Write about how “three in a row” means you’ve won something, like a game of tic tac toe or a jackpot from a slot machine. Or write about the superstition about how bad things come in threes: deaths, injuries, failing household appliances. Wonder how a string of three represents both good and bad luck.


Three times I’ve tried

And three times I’ve failed

I felt my heart a flutter

And felt my knees buckle

Each time

Before I fell


Forever seemed so sure

And I knew I’d never


Anyone more


Just like the seasons change

Love came

And went

But where does it go

When it slips away

Perhaps love never does

Maybe it is us

Who slip away from love

What I felt was true

There is no doubt

Now I am just left with

The dreadful thought

Three strikes

And you’re out

2 Comments to “Napowrimo #3”

  1. Really very good. Don’t stop.

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