Napowrimo #5

Today, sit with your words. Read them out loud. Then, walk away. Close your eyes and try to recall 10-15 from your list. Write them down. These are your “introspection words.”

Think about why these particular words stuck with you. Is it their sound? Their meaning? Free-write on the meaning of these words — to you. Not necessarily their dictionary meaning, but why they resonate for you.

Now, write a poem!

I see you coming

You plow right through me

My chest slit open

My heart exposed

Feeling every pulse

Each time you emerge

I stumble

Your presence does not


But instead


The rapture

You ignite

Within me


Dapper and radiant


A creature of circumstance

And I want you

In my situation

My dilemma

Our exquisite interaction

Never cultivates

As far as I’d like

Your words speak


And my heart

Does not forsake me

If you only knew

The malignant lust

That spreads like wild fire

Each time

You plow right through me

2 Comments to “Napowrimo #5”

  1. brilliant writing , u r definately on your writing grind. this space is real special, im feeling your blog

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