Napowrimo #6

Image Prompt

Life that passes you by.  Photographer Pensiero

Life that passes you by. Photographer Pensiero

This morning

I looked down

And watched my feet

Move along the pavement

And I felt like

A hamster on its wheel

Going nowhere fast

Lots of movement

With no result

No change

No difference

Where am I going

Only where I have been

I stay in this place

Even though it sickens me


Self doubting

Self sabotaging


Day dreaming

About dreams

That have come untrue

Unsure of anything

But sure of one thing

A life

That is passing me by.


3 Comments to “Napowrimo #6”

  1. hamsters. rat race. all the same ish here…. the best and worst dysfunctional relationship ever. -Nina

  2. sounds like you may have had a less than satisfying day that day.

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