If love is…

If  love is blind
Then why can I see
And If  love
Takes your breath away
Then why can I breathe
The distance between us
Is too much
But if  love makes
The heart grow fonder
Maybe we aren’t far enough
Or are we too far
Why does love
Have to dull
Your senses
Make you blind
And breathless
So weak in the knees
That you can hardly speak
Love does many things
And love is many things
But is this love?

3 Comments to “If love is…”

  1. you have to be real lucky to be in love, don’t doubt what it is just go with the flow

  2. Love to me is one of the greatest decievers in this world. Proceed with caution at all times, until you get that green light.

  3. I LOVE this! wow okay, I have to come back to reading. I need to write!! =)

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