i can feel you.  where you are.  im lost.  blindfolded.  arms outstretched.  searching for your embrace. waiting to be rescued.  delivered.  from the endless search.  take me in your arms.  tell me i’m beautiful.  tell me i will never be alone again.  let me feel the security of your arms.  the passion of your kiss.  press my body close to yours.  wipe my tears.  and speak the words i hunger for.  tell me all the ways we’ll make love.  promise me your heart.  and take mine.  with all its bruises.  and i will assure you.  that all of its punctures.  only mean.  my love flows more abundantly.  read me poetry. and i will write our love story.  i imagine your scent.  and the comfort of your voice.  the strength in your hands.  your smile.  the richness of your eyes.  i long to gaze into them.  hurry and find me.  im waiting.

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2 Comments to “LoneliNESS”

  1. Soul piercing. How can someone so arousing and addicting be lonely for something that someone somewhere out there would bare a storm of fire to give to her. Whoever this beauty was written for, she knows not her fortunate luck.

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