I used you…

Like I promised I would

Your intensity intimidated me

As you entered the room

I could feel you

My body quivered as you came closer

As if your essence touched me

Before you did

With every step

My anticipation grew

You moved slowly

Removing your jacket and glasses

Along the way

I leaned up on my elbows

And watched you make your way

My legs bent at the knees

I parted them to get a clear view

To welcome you

You leaned in over me

And found my lips

Open and waiting for you

You pushed me down

And I surrendered

Candle light illuminated the room

You were beautiful

You leaned up

Ran your hand across my chest

Down my stomach

To my throbbing pussy

Aching for your touch

I arched my back at the very thought

Of you pleasing me

Tasting me

I whimpered as your hand left me

I closed my eyes

You ran your hands up my thighs

And began removing my panties

Sliding your hands slowly down my thighs

I fought the urge to open my eyes

I felt your warmth

Your breath

And finally

Your lips upon me

Your tongue felt like I could only imagine

Heaven does

And I melted in your mouth

Like cotton candy

I felt you enter me

Two fingers moved deep


I gripped the sheets

Bit my lip

And moved my waist

While your fingers moved deep

You swirled your swift tongue

Around my clit



And I felt my walls

Begin to clench

Your fingers

Still moving deep

I moved my waist faster

To your rhythm

I bit my lip

Held your head

My body began to tremble

And you had no mercy

You still licked

And sucked

And moved deep

Inside me

As my whole body came

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4 Comments to “imagination.”

  1. Not ‘your’ common or garden type of poetry. It’s evocative to say the least. Well done.

  2. Yuuuuum! ……And I melted in your mouth

    Like cotton candy.. what took me so long to read all of this Fabulous-ness! =)

  3. Your words drip of sultry lust, want, need and passion. Powerfully erotic poem.

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