at my desk.  thinking of you.  wanting to find out.  those things you do. my legs crossed. and squeezing tight. attempting to forget.  with all my might. i feel myself moisten.  as i read your words. i rock my waist just a lil. mmm maybe just a lil more. you wont stop. i dont want you to. keep going. i need to cum. right here at my desk. can they see what im doing. is it bad that i dont care.  i know i cant have you.  and its driving me crazy.  i wonder if you know.  just how tempting you are.  i wonder if you could imagine.  me here at my desk.  rocking my waist. pressing my clit down.  thinkin you should be behind me.  me over my desk. face down. ass up.  telling me how bad i’ve been.  me calling your name. telling you to. do what you like. or i can drop to my knees. beg you. to use my face as you please. lay me on the bed. my hands tied above my head. cover my eyes. take my panties. and gag my mouth. watch me squirm. as you tease my body. damn im so tempted to take it there.  but i know i cant have you.  right now.

3 Comments to “temptation.”

  1. I see we have another freaky-deaky in the world of poetry porn…

  2. ahhhhhh Yes! That temptation can be a biiiitch!

  3. damn this was sex, kinky and arousing, arresting lust is just plain hot.

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