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May 21, 2009

losing sight

i leaned my body against the cold tile
and traced a heart with my fingertip
i watched as it disappeared in the dampness
following the slightly visible outline of the previous heart
i made another
and i thought to myself
is it really that simple
to lose sight of love
and when you have lost sight
is it just that simple to retrace your steps
and find it once again
i stood there for what seemed like an eternity
and let the hot water beat against my back
until my feet ached
and my mind tired of thinking
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May 21, 2009

hot ankles.

those that know me well know that when i drink…my ankles get toasty…and with this toastiness comes… well… other things… it’s 2:14am and I am beyond needing affection.  I noticed the tone of blog has taken a very horny turn.  there is good reason for this.  i want…need…crave…yearn…long for… physical contact…sexual contact.  it has been too long and i have no other outlet than here…soooooo…unfortunately you guys get to be a part of my inner most thoughts, which for the time being… seem to revolve completely around (sex)…sssshhhh.