It all happened so fast

I remember when you were scared…
I was your protector
And when you were sad…
I was your comforter
I remember when your arms were too little to reach
They reached for me
When I was the answer to all of your questions
And you smiled at the sight of me
When you cried for me
And wanted no one but me
I remember when you discovered my name
And the sound of your small voice
Uttering those two syllables meant the world to me
I was your hero then…
Before you discovered…
That I wouldn’t always tell you what you wanted to hear
And your tears wouldn’t always sway me
Before you found…
Others to hold your hand
And to hear your cries
Before I realized…
That my words would annoy you
And my presence would stifle you
I know that friendships will dwindle
And my love will not waiver
You will have your heart broken
And I will never leave your side
I know that you love me
Even when tears flow and eyes roll
When voices are raised and doors are slammed
But I am not sure you comprehend my love for you
And the unconditional support that comes with it
The roles have changed…
And now I feel like the eager child
Reaching out to you with teary eyes
I know you are growing…
And it is beautiful to see…
But every once in a while…
Just take a look back…
That’s where I’ll be.

My babygirl

My babygirl

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5 Comments to “It all happened so fast”

  1. Awwww…simply lovely! Now there’s a good mama!

  2. LOVELY~ 🙂 man… I’m so feeling your words… my baby girl just turned 17… so grown.. so her own person… in so many ways has played the mami role… and raised me right 🙂 lovely… the good thing is… no matter how grown they get… they will always come home and be our babies… i dont doubt that… 🙂 sending you peace~

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