A perfect morning

I open my eyes
Your sleeping face
My morning delight
I grasp the nape of your neck
My thumb resting on your lobe
And I reach in
To give you a morning kiss
Your eyes squint open
And you smile
You wrap your arms around me
And roll onto your back
Taking me with you
My curls fall forward
Creating a canopy
For a hundred kisses
The sheets entangle us
We wrestle playfully with them
To free our naked bodies
You grab my butt cheeks
And push me into you
I giggled and assist you
With a slow grind
You run your tongue
Slowly across your lips
I sit up and straddle you
Streams of sunlight
Divide us
Your hands roam
My thighs
Upwardly tracing
The outline of my body
Caressing my breast as I
Remove a band from my wrist
And fix my hair into a high messy bun
You are beautiful, you say
My heart weakens
I fall
And melt into you
You rub my back
Your fingers barely touching my skin
It gives me chills
I trace tiny I-love-you’s on your breast
And watch as your nipple hardens
The sound of your heart beat lulls me back to sleep
It is a perfect morning
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7 Comments to “A perfect morning”

  1. Well good morning! Lovely poem.

  2. Beautiful 🙂 I *love* the scene it conjures in my mind…sensual and sweet–indeed a perfect morning.

  3. Can I please have your autograph on Wednesday? Outstanding usage of verbage and word-craft.

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