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June 6, 2009


I  wrote this several years ago…and decided to post it after a convo about strap-on sex…


I love the way you fuck me
I want you to do it
and over again
Causing me to cum
and moan
It’s been too long
since you’ve fucked me
Since I’ve been under you
With my legs spread for you
opened wide
so you could go deep inside
Let me whisper
I love you
in your ear
Lean up
so I can see your face
So I can see
how much it pleases you
to fuck me
Baby I want you
on top of me
I can’t wait any longer
I want to cum for you
Moan for you
Cry for you
I want you to tease me
And fuck me
Tell me you love me
Baby I can’t take it
I am so wet right now
Wet for you
I want you
Baby I love you
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