I  wrote this several years ago…and decided to post it after a convo about strap-on sex…


I love the way you fuck me
I want you to do it
and over again
Causing me to cum
and moan
It’s been too long
since you’ve fucked me
Since I’ve been under you
With my legs spread for you
opened wide
so you could go deep inside
Let me whisper
I love you
in your ear
Lean up
so I can see your face
So I can see
how much it pleases you
to fuck me
Baby I want you
on top of me
I can’t wait any longer
I want to cum for you
Moan for you
Cry for you
I want you to tease me
And fuck me
Tell me you love me
Baby I can’t take it
I am so wet right now
Wet for you
I want you
Baby I love you
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10 Comments to “Untitled”

  1. u will like to read this;

    A trip to climax ( n more at http://www.devimcy.wordpress.com)

    I met a lady in beach
    full beautiful – a faery’s child
    her hair very long
    n her feet were so light
    her lip was like a seat of seduction
    n her eyes were wild

    I made a bid for her body n heart
    also for her fragrant zone
    with zero resistance she yielded
    she looked at me as she made love
    she ghazed n sighed deep as I swimmed

    upon recalling my little dogs ‘Bingo n Jumbo’
    I set her on a doggy world
    for sidelong would she look at me
    nagging her naughty head at each pounce I made
    singing a faery’s song
    with ush as its rhyme

    she gave me the fruits in her chest
    so sweet they taste
    the one between her tighs
    so sweet too
    like the taste of an apple

    with legs wide spread
    n hands on my head
    she uttered in language strange
    ‘I love you truely’

    at the peak of our journey
    she turned me round
    and ride on me
    straight to pleasure home of ectasy
    she wept and moan as she rode
    on arrival to the city of climax
    we got the earh quaking
    with release of joy from veins
    there I shut her wild eyes with four kisses

  2. Damn ::smiles:: That’s sexy as hell. I’d try to come up with a more extensive review but uh–now my mind is occupied, picturing…stuff. 😉

  3. oh my yes…. that’s all i have to say

  4. This is my third day on bed-rest..couldn’t even wait for myself to be healed to see this pc.

    -AG on 52nd.

    • =( miss ur tweets.. hope you are feeling much better…aj on 52!

      • I ain’t comin back on that thing Vanessa. And even if I smoked crack and returned, I won’t be adding half of the ppl I did from before. Too many fake ass people…and besides, I’ve got bigger fish to fry.

  5. This was hot as fuck. Got me all in the mood and stuff…. to write of course. Yep, I’m inspired to do some things. Including each and everything you mentioned in your poem.

    • wow! i got a curse word out of you!!!! lol
      glad it has inspired the urge to… write…
      looking forward to reading!!!

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