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June 10, 2009

the lunacy of love

let’s buy a piggy bank
and save for a special date
making the most
of this hardscrabble life
let’s fall in love
every day
and make wicked love
every night
you’ll make promises
that i know you’ll keep
and i’ll whisper
only sweet somethings
in your ear
we’ll roller-skate backwards
and you’ll pick me up
when i fall
let’s believe the impossible
let’s run
when we should walk
let’s frolic
amidst crystalline raindrops
sweet cadence filling
only our air
absorbing every moment
of our
nascent bliss
our veins pulsing with joy
our pores leaking with euphoria
people will stare at us
two rare specimens
and we will tell them
this is
the lunacy of love