You find me
in the depths
of my abysmal
you coddle me
and I find shelter
in your arms
you cover me
with a blanket of kisses
your lips feel like
honey raindrops
I am lifted
out of the murky waters
of the darkest realms
of my mind
I am spellbound
as you look at me hungrily
and caress my ample breast
with dexterous hands
your tongue tastes of
warm vanilla
a flavor
I will savor
my flesh feels like
a thousand little arms
reaching for you
ferocious desire
savagely taking
me hostage
of you and I
our bodies
your fingers
invading me
ravishing my body
our collision
leaves me imperiled
with muddled thoughts
of my affinity
and the famine
that has me
the most colossal
of needs
your touch upon my skin
whispering my name
the warmth of your tongue
making love to me
and the exquisite taste
of you
upon me

4 Comments to “Spellbound…”

  1. God, I love your words. I am weak.

  2. Allow me to elaborate on my “fuck yes” declaration after initially reading this poem.

    Can I just say… your words pour like elixir for the soul and spellbound, pssh, doesn’t even come close, but such a fitting description for a piece this defiantely written.

    It is so beautiful and sensual, a seductive masterpiece. Thanks to whomever it is that inspired your “dangerous”.

  3. The “fuck yes” spoke volumes.
    If my words are an elixir…
    I hope she drinks freely..
    and joins me…
    in this high.

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