Secret Garden

I take your hand
and lead the way
I glance back
and smile
My sheer night gown
and curls
are blowing
in the breeze
you follow me closely
as we make our way
I tug at your hand
and we silently agree
to frolic the rest the way
we laugh like children
pushing tree branches
and leaves
from our path
I’m taking you to a place
where nothing matters
where no one else exists
where the sounds of nature calm us
and the sun greets us with approval
we fall to the ground
Under a graceful
willow tree
we gaze
into each others eyes
and instantly
we know
aren’t necessary
I take your face in my hands
and adorn your lips with a kiss
a lingering tap
that feels so good
so intense
my eyes begin to scrunch
the waiting is over
and the moment is overwhelming
flashes of our future
play like a movie preview
in my mind
walks on the beach
and picnics in the park
roller coaster rides
and Christmas mornings
intimate dinners
and pillow fights
angry sex
and tasty bagels
while sharing
the morning paper
you’ve entered a place
I’ve kept locked away
tears well in our eyes
and we engage in
a tight embrace
we sob in joy
because we know
this is forever
and this place belongs to us
we’ll come here often
when the world is too chaotic
when we feel isolated
because few know
our kind of  love
we’ll retreat back to this place
back to this tree
to this very spot
in our secret garden

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7 Comments to “Secret Garden”

  1. Once again you create a beautiful, magical world of sweet tenderness–I can visualize the entire scene from start to finish. “Curls blowing- flowing in the breeze”, as cute as it can be ::smiles:: Thank you for sharing such a delightful romp. 🙂

  2. “Delightful romp” <<< I love that. =)
    Always enjoy your feedback!
    Happy you liked it!!!!

  3. “Angry sex..” in a Secret Garden sounds great to me! 😀 You already know how much I love your writings.

  4. Ahhh… Love… you have captured both its power and innocence… makes me want to take my girl for a stroll in the park… 😉

  5. It’s hard not to get completely swept away in your secret garden as well as the escapades in which two lovers could bring to life in such a place. This poem is neither simple or ordinary, what it is is like making love without sexing. A gorgeous reflection of the most sensual of attraction, intense and deep.

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