Your words

Your words feel
like warm tea and honey
coating my insides
like a tight embrace
after an unpleasant dream
like a familiar face
in a sea of strangers
like a warm bed
on a cold winter’s night
your words are a welcomed treat
a rich dessert for my soul
after an agonizing
two year fast
your words
leave me hungry
for more
than just
your words

7 Comments to “Your words”

  1. The verbiage always surpasses the visual excellence of the mind’s eye. Keep up the good work.


  2. Your words….Leave me in a state of heightened, blissful anticipation between postings on your blog, and you never disappoint. Beautiful, as always…. I love the tapestry of the words you weave ::floating away on a wistful sigh::

  3. Feels so much like an exploration of souls leading to finding out that what fits extends to wordless… expressions.

    Once again, through the emotion in your words you’ve created the perfect mold. You give an explicit mental caress and reach deep within and take hold. Undoubtedly there exists a mutual admiration and keeping heartbeats at neutral while reading this is damn near impossible.

    Wonderfully done.

  4. Hey you! It’s yurhighness, but call me Becky, or Becks. It is a pleasure to read your work. Thank you for sharing your dreams and for inspiring me to share my own.

    It has been an extremely tough week for me. I PROMISE I will post soon.

    Much love!


    • It is so great to see you here! I am glad that you feel inspired to write and share your words! I know all about “hard weeks” so take your time! =)

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