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June 17, 2009

First kiss…

I want that spine tingling
First kiss
I want the shy glances
And anxious butterflies
The anticipation
And nervous fumbles
I want the softest kiss
Upon my aching lips
The kind of kiss
That feels so good
I’ll want to cry
The kind of kiss
That’ll make me want to
Touch your face
And you hold mine
A kiss so sweet
It’ll hurt me to leave you
The kind I’ll think about
The whole way home
And dream about that night
The kind of kiss that’ll be my
Very first thought
The morning after
The kind that’ll have me
Smiling on the train
A kiss so sweet
I’ll send you a text
Your lips felt so good
And you’ll respond
Yours tasted just like
I thought they would
The kind of kiss
That’ll make
Both our hearts sing
A hypnotic melody
That will draw us
To each other
Once again
For a magical
June 17, 2009

your words II

My words transcend miles. traveling highways and waterways. to reach you where you are. this is your poetry. you tug at my heart-strings. playing me like a harp. each note. a delectable word. and you are the composer. a pallid existence. now filled with rich hues of color. I am engrossed.  I grab my pen with fervor. to release. and make room for more. of whatever it is you’re giving. the passion is palpable. your words. have sent resounding waves of ecstasy. causing the oceans within me to overflow. the flood gates to open. I listen intently. reading between each line. hidden messages. written for me. I imagine you. speaking your words. and stealing a kiss. mid-sentence. and making love. mid-afternoon. ‘cos you have me. halfway going crazy. in bed. with my legs open. wishing terribly. you were between them. I want to feel. the weight of your body. resting on mine. breast to breast. our breathing synchronized. a series of moans. deep kisses. long gazes. swearing. and name calling. over and over. our bodies glistening. you telling me that I’m sexy. Me begging you not to stop. my hands pinned. my face buried in your neck. as we push harder. and deeper. into each other. it is then I realize. I am here. and you are there. with miles. highways. and waterways. dividing us. but I find comfort in knowing. that at least I have. your words.

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