Poems for no one

I’ve written a hundred poems
about no one
But just one look
and I knew
I would want  a
first kiss
and to take you to my
secret garden
where I’m sure  you’d have me
completely spellbound
you make hearts skip beats
I think mine skipped
two or three
that’s a couple of beats shy
of a heart attack
if you only knew
where my head was at
perhaps you would meet me
halfway to destiny
where you’d tell me
all the things you love
and I’d tell you
all the places I’d like to go
Tell me the things you regret
and I’ll share
the things that have hurt me
Tell me your hearts desires
and I’ll confess mine
Let’s eat something
that requires chopsticks
and let’s walk till the sun comes up
Let’s feel like we want the night
to last forever
and let our hearts feel weak
when it comes to an end
Let’s kiss amidst passing strangers
and look back as we go our separate ways
let’s slumber with smiles
and wake with butterflies
Tell me that you wish
you’d kissed me longer
and I will tell you
I can still feel you
on my lips
in just one instant
you became
the person
in poems
that were written
for no one

7 Comments to “Poems for no one”

  1. Your words are so smooth and eloquent. They make me want to reach out and protect you. Your words are beautiful…. just beautiful.

  2. awwwww…thank you…thats so sweet.. i am glad that you appreciate my words..

  3. It is not often that one comes across a poem that every reader wishes were written about them. This is one of those very rare gems.

  4. I love love love this one!!! It’s a gem…beauty of words!!

  5. Piece after piece, it gets harder and harder to comment on such greatness! This is Classic!

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