Last night I dreamt

heartLast night I dreamt
that I was yours
and you were mine
I dreamt we had a special place
reserved just for us
where we sat in a cozy nook
and spoke of all the nights
we yearned for only this
I imagined that we sipped
as you schemed
to have your way
to do all the things
we’d been longing for
I grabbed your hand
as you led the way
to a lovely
candle lit room
where you wrapped your arms
around my waist
and kissed my lips
and I loved the taste
you walked me back
onto the bed
and gently laid me down
I remember the feeling
that came over me
the butterflies
the sexual highs
I dreamt you removed
each garment with care
and stared at me hungrily
like a lion in his lair
my body quivered as each article
slipped from my skin
I slid back onto the bed
as you crawled over me
resting your naked body on mine
I dreamt we made
the sweetest love
and I dreamt you felt so good
I wanted to cry
I dreamt that I fell asleep
in the safety of your arms
and woke to see
the future in your eyes
Last night I dreamt
that I was yours
and you were mine
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4 Comments to “Last night I dreamt”

  1. You won’t ever believe this–but I was working on a poem titled “Do You Know I Dream Of You” that was quite similar to this ::drop kicking mine to the proverbial trash can:: Yours is much, much better. I like this…alot. 🙂

  2. You express yourself so well in writing. I can’t even find the words to thoroughly review the piece here. The fine-pointed fixtures of the art-form is well appreciated, and I encourage you to produce more when drenched in emotions…you will discover more…so much more. Great job.

  3. This expression of your emotions is exceptional!!
    One could visualize every picture u paint!!!
    Makes me want to dream like that or be a part of something that beautiful!!!
    Love this!! thanks for sharing hun!!!

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