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July 6, 2009

I hope…

I hope I will really see my father again one day
And I hope there really is a better place
I hope LOVE really does conquer ALL
And if it does
I hope people get to LOVING
I hope people realize WAR does not create PEACE
And wars NEVER truly END
I hope one day we will all be recognized as equal
And realize that we were given the gift of sight
So we could appreciate the beauty of the world
I hope one day people will realize the suffering
We cause in the name of FOOD and RESEARCH
And the disregard we have for life that WE DEEM insignificant
I hope one day MONEY won’t be more important than LIFE
And we will CUREĀ  instead of prescribing drugs that KILL
I hope one day we will need a license to REPRODUCE
And maybe children will be born to parents that actually WANT them
I hope a good education will one day be available to ALL
And having EQUAL knowledge will EQUAL the playing field
I hope OBAMA really keeps all his PROMISES
And makes us PROUD to prove the ignorant folk WRONG
I hope Hurricane Katrina taught us a LESSON
And we never see RACISM so clearly again
I can only hope…