I hope…

I hope I will really see my father again one day
And I hope there really is a better place
I hope LOVE really does conquer ALL
And if it does
I hope people get to LOVING
I hope people realize WAR does not create PEACE
And wars NEVER truly END
I hope one day we will all be recognized as equal
And realize that we were given the gift of sight
So we could appreciate the beauty of the world
I hope one day people will realize the suffering
We cause in the name of FOOD and RESEARCH
And the disregard we have for life that WE DEEM insignificant
I hope one day MONEY won’t be more important than LIFE
And we will CURE  instead of prescribing drugs that KILL
I hope one day we will need a license to REPRODUCE
And maybe children will be born to parents that actually WANT them
I hope a good education will one day be available to ALL
And having EQUAL knowledge will EQUAL the playing field
I hope OBAMA really keeps all his PROMISES
And makes us PROUD to prove the ignorant folk WRONG
I hope Hurricane Katrina taught us a LESSON
And we never see RACISM so clearly again
I can only hope…

4 Comments to “I hope…”

  1. Racism is still happening – shocking to watch this documentary about it – get a copy, you will not be sorry: Maafa21.


  2. If this is to change, and it is, people everywhere must recognize in themselves the fundamental reality that having is not the same as taking, and not-having is not the same as being without support.

    There is nothing that can separate you from the source of all being, not poverty, war, or death of the body–we are all the same, all infinitely joined to the same source of spirit, we *are* spirit, our bodies are simply shells to house that spirit…and I hope that more people start to realize that and connect to that spirit in order to move past prejudice and judgement and hate to become what we are truly meant to be–physical manifestations of God’s infinite love. (Might sound strange coming from a Buddhist…but, that’s what I believe.)

    Great post 🙂

  3. You know exactly what to say and are so in tune with what’s really going on in this cruel world we live in. Each and every line spoke to my sensibilities.

    “I hope LOVE really does conquer ALL”

    As do I.

  4. I am feeling this so much! This piece says so much in such little words. This is a phenomenal piece, I mean SERIOUSLY!!!! You have a true gift Woman! Continue to share With us because it ceratinly doesnt go unrecognized!!!

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