blow your mind

let me
blow your mind
turn it
inside out
let’s run
like wild horses
along the shore
of destiny
tempting fate
toying with ideas
of a future
my visions
high definition
chase me
you know i won’t run
too fast
cos really
i want you to catch me
so you can free me
but first let me
blow your mind
promise to have
your thoughts
pouring out
of your mind
once i blow it
suck it
fuck it
chase me fast
grab me hard
kiss me slow
make me feel
of that pent up
burning your core
i just wanna
blow your mind
the way you blow mine
come over
i’ve been squirming in bed
for hours
like an addict
hours from a high
you are truly a drug
worthy of addiction
i am afflicted
telling of things i’d do
just to get a taste of you
i need you
to feed me
fill me
fuck me
but first
let me blow your mind…
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8 Comments to “blow your mind”

  1. Snaps, Spins, twirls and cartwheels! MIND BLOWING! I LOVE it!!

  2. I’m lovin’ this-“Let’s run like wild horses along the shore of destiny”, that’s a beautiful visualization. 🙂 The Tigress gives this magnificent piece two thumbs up!

  3. V you always touch me with your words, spinning a tapestry that stimulates every sense..beautiful, just wow 🙂

  4. Floating in the aftermath of such a beautifully written longing. You have saturated senses with your sensual playright. What passion this depicts.

  5. Hey you! Just stopping in to see what’s new. I love this piece … you are such an amazing and intense writer! Have I asked you if you’re pushing for publication yet?

    • ashamed to say that I am not! =/ thank you for the feedback! coming from such a great writer, it is a huge compliment! =)

  6. Love the passion and intensity of this exceptional piece!!!
    One could feel the agony of the longing…love the play with words!!!

  7. love, love, love this piece blew my mind, beautiful work

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