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July 24, 2009

dont you judge me.

you can beat me.  use a stick if you wish. tear into me.  like a goodie filled pinata.  receive a shower of words.  that define who i am.  be forewarned.  they are not candy coated sugary goodness.  my glass ain’t always half full.  and sometimes the silver lining is out of sight.  i wont always feel good about not having shit.  because others have less shit.  some days i will count my blessings.  other days i will be too busy dodging bullets to admire the rainbow to my back.  sometimes i will complain.  some nights i will cry.  most times my blessings feel plentiful.  and a wave of foolishness causes my cheeks to flush with embarrassment.  i am passionate.  emotional.  vocal. forgiving.  sympathetic. volatile.  complex. aware.  a lover.  a fighter by nature.  my strength is endless.  often tested but never  beaten.  been beaten but not broken.  i done been broken.  but still in working condition.  thankful and humble  i am.  so don’t you judge me.