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August 14, 2009


i might show you my breast
because i’m thinking then maybe
you’d show me yours
i might tell you how i taste
then maybe you’d like to try me
and again
i may look at you slyly
maybe then you’d come to me
maybe the tension is high
and you’ve had enough
maybe you’d rip
every article from
my trembling body
maybe you’d fling me
onto the bed
while you undress
look at me angrily
biting your lip
maybe i’d part my legs
then maybe you’d hurry
lay your body over mine
take your hand
run it across my
filthy mouth
smear my lipstick
make a mess of me
kiss me like theres been
a thousand nights
of hungering
let me feed you
nourish you
maybe i’d beg you
my naked body
on my knees
maybe you’d make me
earn it
and make me do
smutty things
maybe i’d like it
and it’d only make me wetter
beg you louder
maybe you’d slap my face
and tell me i’m not ready yet
and you’d torture me
a while longer
maybe i’d love it
if you’d do all these things
maybe it’s time we take it there
i’m thinking maybe you want it too