the person you once knew.

I’m coming home to you
As the person you once knew
Things have happened
Changed us
You and me
But I still feel you
In the tender spots
That still resemble us
I wonder if you see my fight
The endless struggle
The uphill battle
That has kept me from you
The person you once knew
Almost unrecognizable
But I still feel you
In the places where you originated
In the places that make my smile pure
And my laughter real
I’m coming home to you
As the me you once knew
This walk home has been the longest
But I imagine you there waiting for me
The person you once knew
As I walk up the stairs
My insides feel tight
I can feel the closeness of you
Just moments of way
From standing before you
The person you once knew
I knock on the door
And hold my head down
Feeling the shame of being gone for so long
I can see the knob turning
And the door open slow…
I pick my head up to see your face…
My face…
The person I once was
Meeting the person you once knew
You take me in your arms
And instantly
The other me evaporates
And all that’s left of me
Is you
The person you once knew.

4 Comments to “the person you once knew.”

  1. This reads like the opening lines of the novel that’s been waited on for so long, but it achieves the entire message in its few lines.

    The final turn on the journey home with something like an alleluia chorus prepped to kick in; a journey every soul seeks to go on and the place every soul wishes to find.

    I don’t know if that sense of home has never been described so well in such a short piece as is done here.

    Well done you kiddo. It’s beautiful.

  2. p.s. the new bright look to your page is really nice, much better than the black effect you recently had up.

  3. Simply beautiful!!!

  4. *snaps* I’m in the process of going through something like this right now so to read it and it reads as if it’s coming right out of my mind is simply amazing…thank you for sharing your talent.

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