Egyptian Musk…

Reminds me of simpler times…
When doing nothing was fun
And you went outside for no reason at all
When HOT 97 was the shit
And your friends asked you to make copies of mix tapes you made yourself from the radio…
Even though you heard the DJ’s voice between each song
When your prized possessions were your bamboo earrings
And all the girls dressed like tomboys
When everything was “FRESH”
And there was no SOURCE magazine, just Black Beat and Right On!
And you ripped out all the pages of LL Cool J and Rakim to paste on your bedroom wall
When everyone stopped what they were doing Thursdays at 8pm to watch the Cosby Show
When Nightmare on Elm Street was scary shit
And the Fourth of July was actually fun
When summer time was the best season
And friendships were really real
Damn Egyptian Musk!
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5 Comments to “Egyptian Musk…”

  1. I absolutely LOVED this! It’s dope, V. Brought back so many fond memories.

    • yay! im glad you enjoyed it. ahhh the kids today just dont know. damn internet has ruined child/early teenhood!

  2. ohh the memories!!!
    Loved this!

  3. You got me. I just wonder if some day I can get tohold the printed book of you instead of just this keyboard and interface.

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