a natural remedy.

I want to lie on the greenest pasture

And feel the dampness of the earth beneath me

I want lie on a plank of wood

And float gently upon a knowing lake

I want to lie on a beach

Until the tide rises

And washes away my thoughts

Without judgment

I want to lie there until the sun sets

And wraps my body in a blanket of its rays

Without hidden agenda

I want to seek refuge in the bosom

Of Mother Nature

And let the beat of her heart

Calm my soul

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5 Comments to “a natural remedy.”

  1. Sometimes Mother Nature has a way of healing our minds, our bodies, our spirits more than any man made medicine could ever hope to do.

    We’ve all felt the calm yet vibrant sense of well-being that comes from being surrounded by nature. Our aches and pains ease, our worries fade. Because we are more in touch with all that we’re inherently connected to.

    Henry David Thoreau wrote “We need the tonic of wildness”…I hope you find a moment, a place where you can sit quietly in the embrace of the great Mother, and experience that healing.

    I chill with Mother Nature often and it is a calming yet invigorating feeling…it’s so weird!!!
    I hope when you get your moments with her, she calms your soul 😉

  3. Enjoyed this…she is definitely that one that can take away my problems when we spend time together

  4. You’ve got to publish kiddo, the poems you write are for sure like no others.

  5. Exquisite. A soothing relaxation and meditation set in poem. *sigh* What beauty.

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