oh autumn.


Central Park, NYC

there is something so magnificent about autumn.  the crispness of the air.  the need for a blanket.  how good warm beverages feel in your hands.  it makes home feel extra special. it brings with it memories of childhood halloweens, first days of school.  the anticipation of first snows.  it brings with it bitter-sweet memories of family gatherings. family members no longer present.  it’s a time for reflection as a new year draws near.  as the summer takes its last breath, beach goers their last swims, roller coasters their last runs… the city comes alive.  store windows change.  bathing suits give way to turtlenecks.  holiday lighting illuminates the streets.  the crunching of the falling leaves beneath your feet adds a little something to your morning commute.

New York City autumn.  i dont know any other.  i am sure there are far more beautiful cities.  with scenic landscapes that feature rolling hills and apple trees.  but i feel there is no place like my city. NYC springs are sweet.  its summers are HOT and full of possibilities.  but its autumn is the coming attraction.  the prelude to the most amazing time of year in the best city in the world.  i think it’s so special because you can find pieces of the entire world here. in this city.

As we approach the anniversary of September 11th,  I am so proud to call this city home.  I feel honored to have been a part of that tragic part of our history.  there was an energy in the city on that dreadful day and the days that followed that is indescribable.  and every year on that day, there is still an amazing sense  of unity. of love.  of sadness. of pride.

it’s so hard here.  you can get lost here. in this big city. NYC shows you tough love.  and if you can make it here. you can truly make it anywhere.  i would love to travel and see the beauty of the world. but it is at this time of year… i could not imagine… calling any other place home.

I Love NY

I Love NY

What do you love most about Autumn?

6 Comments to “oh autumn.”

  1. You paint such a lovely picture of autumn in NYC…one which you obviously enjoy like no other!!! Love the connection you make with things in your life/city and your autumn!!!
    “with scenic landscapes that feature rolling hills and apple trees.” that was my experience going to college in KY (not sure about the apple trees though lol)…i myself like the crispness of the air, but the colors of the foliage is what i love most!!! i hated being cold but loved the natural colorful artwork of the “rolling hills”

    PS. Thanks for sharing lady, i really enjoyed readying this!!! Love the way you write!!! 😉

  2. Nature, even in big cities, connects us with the muse, the onset of autumn does it every time; the exhilaration of being alive.

  3. This was beautifully written V…your descriptiveness puts the reader smack dab in the middle of Fall in New York (New Yawk ;))…you convey the cities vibe and spirit in a way that makes your love and connection to it wonderfully apparent. Thanks for sharing the NY vibe with us non-New Yawkers 🙂

  4. Why the change in the page look? Is this more expressive of you? It makes the comment text really tiny.

    It’s nice too!

  5. I enjoyed this, V. I love so much about Autumn. The impending changes in the seasons, the change in colors, wearing sweaters, the crisp, fresh smell in the air, pretty leaves and lots of hot chocolate! Just to name a few.

  6. You will find a piece of me in NY soon! Yay!
    No seasons here in Fla. Only warm and hot!

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