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March 11, 2010

i love her.

this is such a crazy time in my life.  i am so in love. nothing makes sense. but everything feels perfect. just as it should be.  my heart is full. my soul is happy. and i cant fathom love feeling any better than it does right now. simple. pure. true. honest. real. happy. carefree. unselfish. easy. healing. loving her feels just as good. as being loved by her. and when we make love. words cannot describe. how she touches every part of me.  i feel her throughout my entire being.  it’s never too much. and three hours just seems to fly by. it truly feels like we become one. like we’re floating. releasing into each other. uniting. never in my life have i been made LOVE to. the way she makes love to me. and when we fuck. its vulgar. and nasty. and hard. and mind-blowing. but just as beautiful. she fucks my mind. my body. my heart. my soul. to the point of exhaustion. moments away from her are always too many. but even during our time apart. she is with me.  and finds ways to keep herself close to me. notes. texts. midday phone calls.  midnight phone dates. webcam shows. i love her. i love her. i love her.  so much that it hurts. the sweetest pain i have ever felt. i love her so much. the tears well. and fall onto my cheeks. and they are the happiest of tears. i love her. and i hope she remains. and i hope our love sustains…….. i love her.