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April 26, 2010

My Omi…

Wow I can’t believe it has been a month since you have been gone.   I never thought I would stand beside your hospital bed and watch you die before my eyes.  I never thought I would have to stand before your coffin and say goodbye to you.  You were my friend… you made me laugh…you gave me advice… I loved you.  Hearing your voice and your laugh is so painful now.  I remember the first time I met you.  I judged you then.  Your obesity. Your imperfect smile.  The tumors that gave you an even more large appearance.  Your funny voice.  Okay it didn’t help that I kind of walked in on you while you were practically naked.  You limped away in embarrassment.  I turned around and left the apartment in shock.  That was the first night we hung out.  It took only five minutes of speaking with you for all of your physical imperfections to melt away.  I looked at you and saw beauty.  A perfect soul.  A perfect human being.  A perfect friend.  Your face and smile became a comfort.  Your voice spoke wise words.  Your largeness became a mere representation of the enormity of your heart.  You were beautiful to me…to us.  I can only wish that when I leave this earth…my life will have touched so many people.  That so many people will have only kind words to say.   I’m sure the tears of pain and sadness would not make your heart happy…but wow…if only you knew how many swollen and tear filled eyes cried… and still cry for you.  I wish I had called you more… I wish my visits were more frequent.  You will always be ‘My Omi’ and I will always be ‘Your Nessa’ …

My dearest Omi…you were a wonderful friend… and you will be missed and remembered always.

The Three Stooges

RIP Noemi Santiago