your best position…

I could say some shit
that would make your mind bleed
Have you hemorrhaging
like a strung out dope fiend
Have your heart racing
Your feet pacing
Your lips flapping
Your hands ghetto clapping
Relax love
You’re no competition
Something is missing
Something god given
Lemme school you
And these other children
Take a good listen
Shutting the fuck up
Might be your best position
I’m gonna spare you
And your feelings
Cos I couldn’t stand the site of your teary eyed grieving
Lemme give you a prescription
Take two shut the fuck ups
And call me in the morning
I’m sorry love
I’m really listening
So excuse my yawning
But you’re boring
Damn I’m sorry
Let’s bring it back
To where I was somewhat sympathetic
But damn girl
You’re so pathetic
Don’t know what else to say
Please just heed
And listen
Shutting the fuck up
Really might be
Your best

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