30 somewhat interesting facts about me :)

  1. I need to know where my lip gloss is at ALL times
  2. I can’t ever be vegan because of my scary cheese addiction
  3. I sleep with a bra on
  4. I hate okra ugh
  5. I am struggling to give up seafood
  6. My toilet tissue must hang OVER…under is just plain silly
  7. I buy whatever toothpaste is on sale
  8. I must apply an even amount of deodorant strokes to each armpit
  9. Judging by my last fact… I may have a mild case of OCD
  10. I ADORE my friends and when they hurt, I hurt
  11. I have Fibromyalgia
  12. I tend to dance with my eyes closed when I’m drunk
  13. I have an alter ego named Yasmine…shes mad funny yo. lol
  14. I am oddly strong
  15. I was a teen mom
  16. I came out when I was  19 yo
  17. I love to drive fast and race
  18. I am shy
  19. I take a fistful of vitamins daily
  20. I hate killing any living thing… even pesky insects 😦
  21. I am eating cheese right now lmao
  22. My drink of choice when out at a club/lounge is a cosmo
  23. I have watched SEX AND THE CITY reruns more than I care to mention
  24. I am a Sarah Jessica Parker GROUPIE and PROUD
  25. I have stalked both SJP’s & Carrie’s apartments LOL
  26. I can make a dollar out of fifteen cents
  27. I am a good listener
  28. I LOVE elephants and dolphins
  29. I LOVE hard
  30. I LOVE who I am

5 Comments to “30 somewhat interesting facts about me :)”

  1. haha Yo I definitely like this! And the toilet paper thing, I always hang mine under just so I can see where it begins. I can never find it when it’s Over and it frustrates me. Though I must admit the part that hangs, I always discard. 🙂 Great share!

  2. My #1 … and you can ask anyone I know and they’ll tell you, it’s this: Replace lipgloss in your #1 with chapstick — I will literally cut a bitch if I can’t find it somewhere, anywhere, when I need it, damn it. LOL @ your #3, and #28 fuckin’ rules. My girl and I are elephant addicts… umm… it’s crazy mayne!

    Great read… I so missed your blog, V!

  3. I love this idea, just so you know I might steal this idea. Please do not be upset…

  4. upset?? never… look forward to reading yours! 🙂

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