I just read something that both motivated me and made me feel like shit, simultaneously. I really need to get my shit together and WRITE. I love writing just to write…but I need to really WRITE…with being published as my main focus.  Blogging and sharing my insane life with the world is fun…but umm… yeah…not much else is going to come from revealing my craziness on this here blog.

Lord knows I have enough to pull from to write an interesting read. 🙂

One Comment to “Motivation.”

  1. I hear you on the blogging taking away from other projects. I have my poetry, my children’s book, and a few other projects I tend to neglect because I put time into this blog. I may or may not be published so I am afraid to put so much time and energy into something which may never happen. My blog on the otherhand I know my voice is being heard. So far I have written four poetry books one published by a lame publishing house. I have wriiten two childrens books which I am 100% certain I will find an agent to represe4nt me. I just do not put as much time into these as I should

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