i cant wait!

Well well well… its friday again!  I am going to see my “toes” aka my best friend Marissa, who i miss very much.  completely disgusted with this weather… and not looking forward to the commute…but its been way too long since i have seen her, so I AM GOING! 

I find myself daydreaming about warmer temperatures and all the things i cant wait to do…

I absolutely cannot wait to have a picnic… and sit by the ocean…to have rooftop BBQs…and walk on the boardwalk…to watch concerts in the park… and kiss under the stars…  to frequent amusement parks… and dine at sidewalk cafes… to scream and canon-ball into a pool… and watch fireworks… to canoe in central park… and roam the city aimlessly… to  ride a NYC tour bus… and read under a willow tree… to  make love to a gentle breeze… and horseback ride on the beach…

back to reality…

its freezing and icy… and disgusting… and i absolutely cannot wait to get to Marissa’s house… to drink a four loko… and act a fool! 🙂


One Comment to “i cant wait!”

  1. I am getting sick of winter. I have had enough of it. I cannot wait to wear shorts and tees with sandles. I want to be able to go outside and see life instead of death. I want nice weather so I can actually get out of bed. In the winter I never want to get up because it is just to damn cold to get out of my comfy bed.

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