crazy how much can change in a few months.  i was looking over a few of my last journal entries.

11/30/10:  “my soul is bleeding. hungry. wandering aimlessly. sad about how my family has abandoned me. i feel like the outcast my father was.”

at that time, my relationship was also coming to an end.  it was a very weird time. everything felt wrong… and overwhelming.

12/5/10: “missing page was my goodbye letter to her.” (previous page had been torn out)

i couldnt see the light at that time.  but i do believe it’s true… that certain things fall apart… so that other things can come together.

and come together they have. beautifully.

One Comment to “change…”

  1. Fate is sometimes an amazing and a very scary thing. I met my wife in april of 1999, but I can trace my life back to Oct of 1990 where something happened in my life that put me on track to April of 1999. If that day in Oct was different I would never be where I am today.

    Nice read!

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