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April 8, 2009

Digital Girl

The base bumps



My heart races

Quick quick fast

The liquor takes control

My eyes get low

Fixated on you

And the things I wanna do

Just take me already

And do what you want

Put my hands

Where you want them

And I’ll put my lips

Where I want them

Pull away

When I get too close

Torture me

Tease me

Make me scream

In agony

Let me have another sip

To drown the sweet pain

Of having you within my reach

Of knowing your scent

And your touch

The exquisite aching

Of having never tasted you

And wanting you so much

I’ve had you a thousand times

In a thousand nights

Only to wake

And find

The touch is my own

It has always been

You exist only in my mind

On my screen

My digital girl

March 12, 2009


Start a story with…

Sam wasn’t sure if it was a wonderful sign or a sign of disaster…

but Sam knew that things would never be the same.  Why was she here?  She vowed never to come back.  It wasn’t  fair.  He had moved on, but just the sound of her name took him back to a place he promised himself he would never go again.  With her back in town he knew he would never be able to focus on the wedding or give his bride to be his undivided attention.  His soon to be wife never knew that he thought of her as just a fill-in.  Just someone to distract him from the pain of having lost the love of his life to someone he wished dead.  Someone that had made his life a living hell.  It was the salt in the wound.  And when the phone rang, it was the beginning of the end.