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April 16, 2009

Napowrimo #6

Image Prompt

Life that passes you by.  Photographer Pensiero

Life that passes you by. Photographer Pensiero

This morning

I looked down

And watched my feet

Move along the pavement

And I felt like

A hamster on its wheel

Going nowhere fast

Lots of movement

With no result

No change

No difference

Where am I going

Only where I have been

I stay in this place

Even though it sickens me


Self doubting

Self sabotaging


Day dreaming

About dreams

That have come untrue

Unsure of anything

But sure of one thing

A life

That is passing me by.


April 16, 2009

Napowrimo #5

Today, sit with your words. Read them out loud. Then, walk away. Close your eyes and try to recall 10-15 from your list. Write them down. These are your “introspection words.”

Think about why these particular words stuck with you. Is it their sound? Their meaning? Free-write on the meaning of these words — to you. Not necessarily their dictionary meaning, but why they resonate for you.

Now, write a poem!

I see you coming

You plow right through me

My chest slit open

My heart exposed

Feeling every pulse

Each time you emerge

I stumble

Your presence does not


But instead


The rapture

You ignite

Within me


Dapper and radiant


A creature of circumstance

And I want you

In my situation

My dilemma

Our exquisite interaction

Never cultivates

As far as I’d like

Your words speak


And my heart

Does not forsake me

If you only knew

The malignant lust

That spreads like wild fire

Each time

You plow right through me

April 15, 2009

Napowrimo #4

The idea is to find a color or two, write the phrase on a card, and then write down the associations you have with the phrase. Do a five minute free-write, and then turn your musings into a poem.

Electric eel


In calm blue waters


Like a pedophile in a playground


For prey

A prisoner

In your own skin

Never able

To appreciate

The beauty that surrounds you

Only the thrill

Of the chase

The satisfaction

Of the catch


The joy

Of the kill.

April 11, 2009

Napowrimo #3

The prompt for today is “three in a row.” Write about how “three in a row” means you’ve won something, like a game of tic tac toe or a jackpot from a slot machine. Or write about the superstition about how bad things come in threes: deaths, injuries, failing household appliances. Wonder how a string of three represents both good and bad luck.


Three times I’ve tried

And three times I’ve failed

I felt my heart a flutter

And felt my knees buckle

Each time

Before I fell


Forever seemed so sure

And I knew I’d never


Anyone more


Just like the seasons change

Love came

And went

But where does it go

When it slips away

Perhaps love never does

Maybe it is us

Who slip away from love

What I felt was true

There is no doubt

Now I am just left with

The dreadful thought

Three strikes

And you’re out

April 11, 2009

Napowrimo: #2

Find five verbs and five nouns from one subject area, and use them to write about another subject.

Kiss Touch Love Hug Caress

Nose Lips Hands Back Neck


Your lips are cold to the touch

I kiss them one last time

I caress your face

Starting at your nose

Down the crevices of your lovely neck

I remember how you’d hug me

And how I’d kiss that spot behind your ear

There’s blood there now

And your hand is speckled with dirt

I can still see my scratches on your back

But they are barely visible

Overwhelmed by the slashes and punctures oozing with

The blood that once pulsed through your veins

I tell them yes

It is you

But it’s not really

Just the protective shell

That once encased

A kind of love

The world was not ready for

Our loss is great

But your love is plenty still

I will see you in the sunset

Search for your in the shimmer of the moonlight

Find you in the stars

Close my eyes

And feel you in the breeze

I will hear you in the birds’ morning love song

Until we meet again my sweet

I will see you in the sunset

April 9, 2009

Napowrimo: #1

Right now, at this very minute, list five things in front of you. In front of you being a relative term: on your desk, on your arm, out your window … . Choose the two most disparate things and yoke them together into a fabulous metaphor. Now, use it in a poem.

Keyboard, Screen, Mouse, Cup, Phone

My screen.  The cup of passion we both lustfully sip from.  Endless hours of enticing words.  Read with hopeful eyes. Wondering if. They will ever meet yours.  Yearning fingers.  Carefully choosing each letter.  Forming words that make your center ache.  Causing a hungry expression to reside on your face.  Words that you will make your heart beat fast.  And your fingers move quickly to respond.  And me.  On the other end.  Chest heaving.  Hanging on your every stroke.